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Money with Mission & Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginClear

The podcast discusses the neglect of water infrastructure at various levels of government and the challenges in addressing the water crisis. The speaker mentions the $1.2 trillion infrastructure act, with $55 billion allocated to water, highlighting that the funding falls short of the required amount. The main issues discussed include the underfunding of water systems, vulnerabilities of centralized systems to cyberattacks, and the need for decentralized water treatment.

The conversation introduces the concept of water treatment at the point of use and emphasizes that freshwater should remain a governmental responsibility. The speaker argues against privatizing the entire water system but suggests decentralizing water treatment for efficiency. The discussion also touches on the challenges faced by centralized systems, potential hacking incidents, and the importance of addressing the growing water demand.

The podcast outlines a solution involving modular water treatment systems for businesses, housing developments, and various industries. The system aims to reduce costs, allow recycling of water, and alleviate regulatory burdens for businesses. The speakers mention examples of businesses and sectors that could benefit from decentralized water treatment, such as housing developments, RV campgrounds, breweries, and agricultural farms. Additionally, the conversation briefly touches on the potential impact on solving housing problems in areas without sewage infrastructure.

The podcast concludes by discussing the financing model, where businesses can invest in water treatment systems through a service contract or investment pool. The speaker emphasizes that the solution is not only aimed at addressing water challenges but also offers investment opportunities for individuals.


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