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Transforming Plastic Recycling:
ZeLoop's Path to Environmental Resilience

Background and Passion for the Environment

Eric's journey into environmental consciousness started during his work in the packaging industry, where he witnessed the severe environmental impact of plastic pollution, particularly in Asia. His curiosity about blockchain technology led to the development of ZeLoop, a startup focused on addressing social and environmental issues.

Plastic Pollution and Carbon Footprint

Plastic, despite having a lower carbon footprint in delivering beverages, becomes a significant environmental issue due to improper disposal practices. The widespread use and affordability of plastic result in inadequate recycling efforts, leading to environmental consequences, especially in regions like Asia.

Blockchain Technology for Environmental Solutions

ZeLoop utilizes blockchain as a decentralized ledger system to ensure transparency, reliability, and traceability of transactions. The platform issues utility tokens called CO Rewards through blockchain, creating an incentive for users to collect and recycle plastic.

CO Rewards Program

CO Rewards are utility tokens distributed through the ZeLoop platform, tradable against the US dollar. Users receive these tokens for collecting and recycling plastic, and partnerships with businesses allow users to redeem rewards for discounts on products and services.

Global Reach and Partnerships

ZeLoop operates globally, with a significant user base in the United Arab Emirates, France, Nigeria, India, Argentina, and other countries. Partnerships with businesses provide users with discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on their products or services in exchange for CO Rewards.

Investment and Fundraising

ZeLoop is actively seeking investment to expand its impact and address the global plastic issue more effectively. The company is exploring various fundraising options, including traditional fundraising and considering the incorporation of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Exit Strategy and Future Growth

ZeLoop envisions scaling up significantly within the next five years to make a more substantial impact on the plastic problem. Strategic decisions, including potential dilution and acquisition by a larger entity, will be considered in alignment with the mission of driving positive change.

"Blockchain, at its core, is a decentralized ledger system that ensures transparency, reliability, and traceability of transactions. In the case of ZeLoop, we utilize existing blockchain services without creating our blockchain. Our focus is on leveraging this technology to add value to waste, specifically plastic."

Eric Schaffner

"Plastic's ubiquity and affordability result in inadequate recycling and disposal efforts. Unfortunately, much of it ends up in Asia, causing environmental consequences. The challenge lies not in the material itself but in our handling of it. It's crucial to address the root cause and find ways to create value for waste."

Skye Logan


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