Revolutionizing Plastic Recycling: Eric Schaffner's ZeLoop Initiative for a Greener Tomorrow

Revolutionizing Plastic Recycling: ZeLoop's Journey Towards Environmental Sustainability

February 05, 20244 min read

Transforming Plastic Recycling
ZeLoop's Path to Environmental Resilience

In a world grappling with the environmental consequences of plastic pollution, innovative solutions are emerging to address this global challenge. One such pioneer is Eric Schaffner, the brains behind ZeLoop, a platform that uses blockchain technology to revolutionize plastic recycling. In this post, we'll explore Eric's passion for the environment, the critical issues surrounding plastic pollution, and how ZeLoop's unique approach is making a positive impact on a global scale.

Eric's environmental awakening

Eric Schaffner

Eric's journey to environmental awareness began during his time in the packaging industry, where he witnessed firsthand the detrimental effects of plastic pollution, particularly in Asia. Despite plastic's lower carbon footprint in beverage delivery, improper disposal practices posed a serious threat to the environment. This experience fueled Eric's commitment to finding innovative solutions to transform plastic from a worthless waste into a valuable asset.

Plastic Pollution and Carbon Footprint

Understanding the severity of the plastic pollution problem requires a closer look at its carbon footprint. As a material, plastic has a lower carbon footprint when used to deliver beverages. However, its widespread use and affordability contribute to inadequate recycling efforts, leading to significant environmental impacts, especially in regions such as Asia. Eric emphasizes that the challenge is not in the material itself, but in how we handle it. It is critical to address the root cause and find ways to create value from waste.

Blockchain technology for environmental solutions

Enter blockchain technology - a decentralized ledger system known for ensuring transparency, reliability, and traceability of transactions. Eric and his team have harnessed the power of blockchain in the development of ZeLoop. Rather than creating a new blockchain, ZeLoop leverages existing services to issue utility tokens called Eco-Rewards.

I am the Ocean

This disruptive approach incentivizes individuals to collect and recycle plastic, helping to reduce plastic pollution.

Eco-Rewards Program

The core of ZeLoop's strategy is the Eco-Rewards program. Users earn utility tokens by collecting and recycling plastic, which can be digitally redeemed for US dollars. ZeLoop's partnerships with businesses play a critical role in this program, allowing users to redeem their Eco-Rewards for discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on products and services. This not only incentivizes plastic recycling, but also fosters a sense of value and contribution to a cleaner environment.

Global reach and partnerships

ZeLoop's impact is global, with a significant user base in several countries, including the United Arab Emirates, France, Nigeria, India, Argentina, and more. Corporate collaborations have been key, providing users with tangible benefits for their green efforts. Companies such as sustainable sneaker brand offer discount vouchers in exchange for a certain number of plastic bottles collected. These partnerships not only benefit users, but also create marketing opportunities for companies.

Investment and Fundraising

While ZeLoop has several ongoing projects and revenue streams, the team recognizes the need for additional investment to expand its impact. Eric mentions that they are actively seeking investment through various channels, including traditional fundraising. In particular, they are considering the incorporation of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as part of their fundraising strategy in the near future to provide multiple options for potential investors.

Exit strategy and future growth

Looking ahead, ZeLoop envisions significant scaling within the next five years to make a more substantial impact on the plastic problem. Strategic decisions such as dilution and potential acquisition by a larger company with broader reach are on the table.

Exit Strategy

The current focus is on growing the structure, gaining more white labels and expanding the presence in countries such as Nigeria and Argentina. The ultimate goal remains to drive significant positive change on a global scale.

Be part of our the movement

For those interested in learning more about ZeLoop or getting involved, Eric Schaffner is just a click away. In addition, potential investors can explore opportunities through the PhilanthroInvestors.

Listen to a powerful podcast about this problems HERE.


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