Expanding our platform and enhancing the user experience

Revolutionizing Healthcare: PhilanthroInvestors’ Latest Milestones and Future Vision

May 19, 20232 min read

At PhilanthroInvestors, we are driven by a shared vision to revolutionize healthcare and positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world. Today, we want to highlight our recent accomplishments and integration progress at FHIOS, our health philanthropy investment opportunity.

Expanding our platform and enhancing the user experience

We have successfully integrated with Uberdoc, a milestone that has significantly expanded the capabilities of our platform. This integration has added over 4,000 physicians to our network nationwide, enabling us to serve our FHIOS members more comprehensively and effectively. With this vast network of healthcare professionals, we can ensure the highest quality of care for our members.

Improving Accessibility with a Custom EHR System

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully closed the Salesforce deal and have begun the integration process for our own customized Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Once completed, this integration will allow all FHIOS members to conveniently access their secure medical records from anywhere in the world through our unique FHIOS app. Our Health Vault feature ensures that our members have complete control and access to their health information, empowering them to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Gratitude for Your Support

FHIOS Health Home visit

As part of our dedicated team of PhilanthroInvestors, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you. It is your help and investment that has enabled us to achieve these significant milestones and move closer to our vision of revolutionizing healthcare. Your commitment and support have been instrumental in our progress.

Shaping the future of healthcare together

Let’s soar to the pinnacle of excellence as we embark on these exciting new ventures that have the power to revolutionize healthcare. Together, we have the opportunity to reshape the very fabric of the healthcare landscape and leave an indelible mark on the lives of millions of people around the world.


About PhilanthroInvestors

PhilanthroInvestors combines traditional venture capital financing tools with philanthropic principles to achieve social impact. By secure, meaningful, and profitable investments, they bring capital and also change people’s lives.

PhilanthroInvestors are currently working in four sectors – Housing, Water, Health and Environment – and will be adding more investment sectors in the future. PhilanthroInvestors founder Ivan Anz owns companies on three continents and has investors in 14 countries.

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I'm a passionate advocate for change and innovation in philanthropic investing. My journey has been driven by a desire to create meaningful social impact while ensuring sustainable financial growth. I specialize in guiding individuals and organizations to make responsible and impactful investment decisions. I believe that the power of capital can be harnessed to address pressing social and environmental challenges while generating positive returns for investors. In today's world, the traditional approach to philanthropy often struggles to meet the growing needs of our communities and our planet. Traditional charitable giving can lack strategic direction and sustainability, while pure for-profit investing can sometimes neglect the greater good. This presents a significant challenge for those who want to make a difference without sacrificing financial growth. The world needs a transformation in the way we view and manage our financial resources. How can we address this pressing issue if we continue to separate philanthropy and investing, leaving a gap that prevents us from reaching our true potential? In short, imagine a scenario where investors can earn a return on their investments while changing the lives of others for the better. My company offers a solution that bridges this gap and propels us toward a future where philanthropy and investment are harmoniously aligned. By pioneering the concept of philanthropy investing, I guide my clients to strategically direct their investments into projects and ventures that have a positive social and environmental impact. Through meticulous research, I can help you direct your resources to causes that matter, creating a legacy that goes beyond mere financial gain. Become a PhilanthroInvestor today. Contact me today to schedule an engaging presentation that could change the way you invest for a better future. Connect with me to explore the limitless possibilities of PhilanthroInvesting and embark on a purpose-driven journey that leaves a lasting legacy.

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