Here’s Why You Need to Invest in Water

Water is essential to human life. It is present in our everyday lives–to wash our hands, bathe, wash our dishes, and to drink so we stay hydrated and nourished.

But, there is a problem with our water and we are quickly facing a global crisis. Although we have a large quantity of water on our planet, the quality of it isn’t great. A lot of water is dirty and unsafe to drink. However, many are forced to consume and use unsafe and dirty water which results in sickness and even death.

There is a solution to this water crisis and it’s through investing. When investing in this natural resource, you’re taking an important step in solving the water crisis, making clean drinking water available to all and growing your investment portfolio.

How We Got to This Point: Understanding the Factors that Contributed to the Water Crisis

Before understanding the importance of the investment in water, it’s vital that we take the time to understand how we even got to this point of scarce and unsafe water supplies.

Climate Change is Affecting Our Water

Reservoirs, rivers and lake water levels are dropping because of severe droughts in areas of our world. Many reservoirs and lakes are dangerously close to facing historically low water levels. All of this is due to hot and dry summers with lackluster rainy seasons. 

We are currently facing a severe drought crisis. 

Along with the drought, our planet is becoming warmer which causes glaciers to melt, ultimately rising sea levels. With the sea levels becoming higher, there is a risk that our land could soon be underwater. The issue with the increase in sea water is that it is still unsafe to utilize and drink. What’s more is purification of sea water hasn’t been a focus and can, in turn, be a costly feat to undertake. 

However, with our lakes and reservoirs reaching severely low levels coupled with the lack of a rainy season to fill up these reserves, it might be time we consider what it would take to purify water from a different source.

Which opens up another issue that our world is facing. 

Disposal of Water

Another issue with our water supply is how we have historically disposed of our water. Industrial services like power plants, manufacturing companies and more have historically dumped waste into our water sources for years. This has resulted in creating a toxic environment in the water. 

But power plants and manufacturing companies aren’t solely to blame for toxic drinking water. Think of individuals who have disposed of their waste or garbage in the ocean or even in the environment which ended up in a water supply. 

The state of our disposal strategies both on the individual and the commercialized level, is dismal. Unfortunately, these activities have been happening for hundreds of years. With the increasing scarcity of our water supply, it’s now becoming clear that the activities that we all engaged in before is posing a severe risk to a resource that is vital to our survival. 

We Need To Be Smarter With How We Treat Our Water, Here’s How

A lot of our water systems that keep our environments and ecosystems thriving have become stressed and are dangerously close to becoming obsolete. However, it’s not too late to start being smarter with how we treat our water. Here are a few steps we can take now to ensure that this vital resource is available for years, even centuries, to come. 

  1. Start with education

The best way to start ensuring that our water supply doesn’t run out is to educate ourselves. It’s vital to understand what is causing this crisis and the part we can play in fixing it and completely changing the trajectory. Getting educated on this issue is only the first step. 

Where do you even start? There are a lot of great resources that you can look into to understand the state of our water and the current crisis. For example the World Wildlife Fund has reported on water scarcity and the threats. In the U.S., there is an Infrastructure Report Card released every year and one of the considerations in that report is the state of our drinking water. 

  1. Consider ways you can support and stop the water crisis

Once you are well-versed in the current global water crisis, it’s time to do your part to stop this impending crisis and eventually save the state of our water. There are multiple ways you can support the end of the water crisis from decreasing your own water consumption to advocating for better policies and water access. 

Those strategies are a great first step but there’s more you can do. Investing in water is a new concept and is proving to be beneficial in many ways. Water investment can help create new jobs, support innovation of new technology, and–most importantly–provide access to drinking water to communities who need it most. And, with an investment in water, it’s an opportunity to grow and diversify an investment portfolio that’s recession-proof. 

Investing in Water Can Save Our Water Supply

Investing in water is like investing in gold. This resource is necessary and recession-proof since our entire ecosystem will always need water to survive. When investing in water you are able to diversify and grow your portfolio but it’s also rewarding because you can see how many liters of water your investment is saving. 

Technology Investments

When choosing to invest in water, consider looking into companies that are developing innovative technology to improve water quality, sanitation and access. Additionally, innovation is needed to figure out how to solve the issue of scarcity in some locations. Since we are facing devastating droughts and record-low water levels in lakes and reservoirs, there are solutions needed to determine how we can fill up those water sources and make water available to everyone. 

Your Investments Make An Impact When You Partner With OriginClear

Navigating this new investment strategy isn’t something you have to take on alone. Taking the first step in getting educated about the problem is great and OriginClear is here to help you along the way with investing in water to diversify your portfolio while simultaneously solving the global water crisis. 

At OriginClear we have the perfect marriage of motivation to solve this issue and mechanics to help investors make the best choice in companies that will result in profits. Our vision is to invest in water companies that are innovating and developing new solutions to make water clean and accessible for all. 

OriginClear is led by an incredibly innovative and passionate leader, Riggs Eckelberry, and a dedicated management team. With a great leader supported by strong executives, we also need passionate investors to lend their support to help solve this issue. Not only could will investors transform their portfolio, but they could will make drinking water better and more accessible in the world. Here is the investment opportunity:

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