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“It has been the best decision yet and we are set to nearly triple our returns, compared to what we were getting doing typical flip or rental strategies.”

Brett Leavitt

“I make the key decisions and then every single step of the process is done by them as experts. I used to do that myself. My time is not taken up with inspections, dealing with banks, dealing with real estate agents. I make the major decisions and they take care of all the rest. Happy Investing!”

Kevin Dickson

“I’m very happy with what I’m contributing- to raising the level of our society. More and more people will be house owners.”

Cathy Neumann

Happy homeowners

“We had lost our home a few years ago and didn’t think we would ever have a home again… Thank you so much for giving us hope! We’re already mowing the lawn in anticipation of the close!”

The Hogue couple.

Happy homeowners

“I didn’t think it was possible to own a home right now… I want to thank you so much! Now that I am a homeowner, I’m inspired by the process. I’m interested in getting a real estate license myself!”

The Metcalf couple

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