Introduction to Water Philanthroinvesting™ with Arte Maren

With all the resources we have, we can put a guy on the moon; but our water is horrible, the state of the cleanliness and the scarcity are scary. After all we can’t live without it, and that’s part of what we’re embarking upon. And that’s what OriginClear is doing in terms of both saving and sanitizing water and on a much bigger scale. 

OriginClear has “great bones”.We looked into their plans, we looked into their current activity and their current fundamentals in the sense that they have not only earning capacity but they are earning─and that earning is growing─while there was a lot of hope and a lot of intention, there was also a lot of activity backing it up. We have that marriage of motivation and mechanics we were looking for.  

Who are the other players? It can’t be just “all Riggs” (the CEO), and it wasn’t. They have some fabulous people and these people are believers. You know if you’re an entrepreneur or if you’re an investor, you know that there better be a whole bunch of believers because there’s obstacles, there’s challenges and only with the what we call FCB ─ only with the Faith, Confidence and Belief, do you get to drive over all of those barriers or challenges.

I must say something also about OriginClear: the incredibly innovative Riggs Eckelberry, the CEO, is not only innovative and very disciplined but ethical. You know it’s one thing to be innovative and say well we can cut a corner here we can cut a corner there; but when you have this marriage of integrity and innovation now you’ve got something, and that’s why we’ve done the licensing. 

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