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Ivan Anz

Ivan Anz is an Inc. 500 Magazine recognized international serial entrepreneur with a focus on socially responsible investing. His companies, which operate in 14 countries, exemplify the essence of sustainable and ethical investing. As the founder of the CAPITANZ Family Office and the creator of the PhilanthroInvestors Phenomena, he pioneers businesses and projects that deliver high-impact improvements in society in line with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles.

His entrepreneurial journey began at the tender age of seven when he rented his go-kart to friends and sold candy in his neighborhood, demonstrating an early flair for innovative business models. By continuously seeking experience in different industries, Ivan Anz has significantly enhanced his business acumen, equipping him with the expertise to lead ventures that not only generate financial returns, but also drive social change and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."

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The Story of the Argentine Who Came to the US without Speaking English and Today Does Business with 14 Countries

Ivan Anz describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, a facet that he timidly began to experiment with at the age of seven, when he rented his Go-Kart to his friends or sold candy in the neighborhood.

At some point in his career, Philanthroinvestors® founder Ivan Anz realized he was just “investing money for money.”

At some point in his career Philanthroinvestors® founder, Ivan Anz realized he was just “investing money for money.”

This Entrepreneur's Story Shows the Frightening Link Between Financial Insecurity and Mental Health

Research is clear on the correlation between financial well-being and mental health. Ivan Anz experienced this first hand.

Inc 500 Award - No.3 2020

We are recovering the American dream of homeownership by opening the door for Housing Philanthroinvestors, growing your capital while helping families own their home.

Real Estate After COVID-19

Currently, one of the strongest currencies in the world is the American dollar. On March 27th, the US government launched the largest stimulus ever seen in history, an injection of 2 trillion dollars in the North American market, thereby achieving greater liquidity in the economy.

Dollars and the Current Crisis

Currently one of the strongest currencies in the world today is the US dollar. On March 27, the US government launched the largest stimulus ever seen in history to inject 2 trillion dollars.


Working with Ivan has helped me fulfill my dream of being a fulltime *philanthropist. My job is to spread kindness and good will every day in every way,

and with Ivan’s PhilanthroInvesting system,

I can accomplish my financial goals and my humanitarian goals simultaneously.

As a long-time real estate investor and trainer, I would say this is the simplest, easiest, and most efficient way for the layman to reach their own personal version of the American Dream.

Karen Nelson Bell

Best -Selling Author

Nothing Down for Women

"I have personally met Ivan and listened to Ivan’s presentation, one on one.

His passion for what he does in helping recover

the American Dream

with his investment system is outstanding.

This PhilanthroInvesting system is a “must learn” for any person wanting to grow their capital while helping others."

Kevin Harrington

As Seen on TV Founder

Original Shark on Shark Tank

If you want to build wealth, creating a very positive cash flow, while creating strong equity and helping others, this is a great company to work with.

I believe Ivan, the Founder of this unique company, is a great leader who inspires. The group of people he has brought together is a force for good.

Times of turmoil require creative ways to build wealth and do business, but it is also key that each one of us gives our share back to the world.

Dr. Ken F. Taylor

Executive Director

Mind-Body Medicine Clinic

Ivan is one of the most positive attitude

and innovative thinkers that I know.

His strategic thinking and magnetic personality

have allowed him to teach

and mentor others

while expanding his entrepreneurial skills.

Steve St. Angelo

Former CEO

Toyota Latin America

Ivan Anz is a “Class Act” of a human being.

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars

as a PhilanthroInvestor.

My team and I did a deep dive analyzing the company and I am glad I made the right decision.

Ivan’s story is deeply inspiring. Coming to live in the USA not speaking English and staring with nothing but a deep burning desire to live the American Dream. Five years later Equity and Help, Inc

ends up on the INC 500 List!

I’m grateful to be in business with you helping stabilize families across the USA while earning double-digit returns. Thank you for helping to build my assets which later in my life will support my Private Family Foundation

for Global Philanthropy Projects.

Darren Jacklin

World-Class Speaker

Philanthropy Real Estate Investor

Board of Directors eXp World Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ:EXPI)

I have had the fortunate opportunity to work

with Ivan on various levels.

He is a true leader, gentleman,
and compassionate business developer.

His implementation of systems and professionalism is profound while keeping equally focused

on the benefits to his PHILANTHROINVESTORS

and most importantly new homeowners.

Mike Calhoun

Founder & CEO


“World’s Greatest Mastermind”

"When philanthropy becomes humanity’s main investment strategy, the world will start to change."

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