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Invest in Housing. Invest safely.

Invest in Housing. Invest safely.

Benefits of the Program

  • Real Estate Stability: Free from speculative ventures, including the stress and potential loss often seen in less stable markets like "commercial real estate" and "property for sale."

  • Ease of Access: You don’t have to become a "real estate agent" pro or gain extensive "real estate market" experience.

  • Trustworthy Investment: Avoid reliance on advisors or brokers, focusing instead on "real estate investing" that allows for more personal control.

  • Mutual Benefits: With "houses for sale" and "apartments for rent," all parties stand to gain, ensuring cooperative efforts.

  • Proven Returns: Since 2014, Equity and Help has shown consistent returns of 8 to 12 percent in the "homes for sale" sector, helping others in the process.

  • Humanitarian Aspect: Your investment in "foreclosure" and "houses for sale by owner" offers a real chance to help others.

  • Secured Assets: Investments are backed by tangible assets like "townhomes for sale" and "condos for sale."

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    Economic Resilience: In economic downturns, "lower end properties" may increase in value, unlike higher-end options.

  • Privacy and Security: Being held in a trust offers anonymity and security, especially in "real estate listings."

  • Estate Planning: The trust structure allows for smooth transfer of "real estate" assets without penalty.

  • Steady Income: A continuous cash flow from investments in "rental properties," with options for reinvestment.

  • Low-Effort Management: A relaxed approach to managing your "real estate investment," allowing you more personal freedom.

Investment Pitfalls in Real Estate

Real estate has been generally considered the most stable and secure investment vehicle.

Real estate, often seen as a stable and secure investment, similar to "homes for sale" or "property for sale," is not without its challenges. While alternatives may offer steady growth or higher dividends, they often come with risks and volatility, much like the fluctuations in "mortgage rates" or "real estate market" trends. These investments can be prone to manipulation and misperceptions, requiring constant vigilance and often leading to stress.

Despite its general stability, real estate investment, including "commercial real estate" and "rental properties," can encounter issues like market dips, escalating "renovation costs," and problematic renters. These realities can impact the profitability and feasibility of "houses for sale" and "apartments for rent" ventures.

The complexities of real estate investing, akin to understanding "real estate listings" or navigating "real estate news," require thorough knowledge and experience to discern the vital aspects for success in varying circumstances. This principle is as relevant to real estate as it is to day trading or complex professions.

Imagine a scenario where someone with profound knowledge in "real estate investing" and experience has distilled all the essential strategies and assembled a team to effectively implement these methods, ensuring a more secure and profitable approach to "buying a house" or investing in "foreclosure" properties. This could revolutionize the way investments are approached in the real estate sector.

The Results

In the final quarter of 2023, we tenaciously pursued our goal of combining financial prosperity with social impact, achieving notable results along the way. During this period, we achieved strong financial results while maintaining our commitment to affordable housing and community empowerment.

Our method of real estate investing is unique:
  • We specialize in securing vacant homes in bulk, purchased from the banks.

  • We make them available to investors far below current market prices.

  • We re-market the properties to families to fix up, live in and improve the homes on a Contract for Deed or Land Contract.

  • The investor therefore sells the home at a higher price than what they paid and provides seller financing at 12%.

  • The family purchasing the home still buys for less than the “fixed up” price and through their own efforts can increase their own equity. They win as does the investor.

“We are here to recover the American Dream for many, and make this American Dream a reality but also, to free investors from the speculative investment world and offer them the opportunity to receive fulfillment for investments, not just money.

I invite you to become a Philanthroinvestor, and experience the fulfillment of growing your capital while helping others and watch your cash flow and recurring income expand not only for you but for your following generations”

The Mission

To stabilize families and revitalize neighborhoods

while raising consciousness of help in the investment world.

Housing PhilanthroInvestors inspired by results

Arte Neumann

I did a lot of research, and Equity & Help was by far the most stable… it’s solid and secure.

Kim Belotte

Across the boards, it just works for everybody. Nobody loses.

Cathy Neumann

I'm very happy with what I'm contributing to raising the level of our society. More and more people will be house owners.

Happy homeowners

Chris Beard
Bryan Earhart
Harry & Dietra Williams

Our company was founded in 2014 because our Founder, Ivan Anz, wanted to help investors grow their capital while helping others. Ivan noticed a trend in the United States following the financial collapse of 2009. Foreclosures in the country were soaring, and the number of families without their own homes rapidly accelerated. Ivan wanted to find a solution to this problem, and with the help of a group of veteran real estate investors, he was able to.

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