How We Create a Better World

Our impact investment approach is designed for those seeking to make a difference while generating passive income and sustainable investment. We work with impact investing firms to ensure your investments are placed in impact investing companies. Our approach ensures that each investment contributes to ethical funds that prioritize social responsibility . By offering investors a portfolio of socially responsible investments, we make it possible to generate financial returns alongside long-lasting social impact.

Whether you are looking for second income opportunities or ways to make passive income as a second source of income, we pride ourselves on offering socially responsible investment opportunities, even for beginners.

Our commitment is to help you invest in what matters while building a sustainable financial portfolio. Our focus is on strategic guidance to help you identify the best investment strategy for your goals.

Life Essentials™

We offer investors a unique opportunity to make a difference while earning a financial return. Our investment strategy focuses on restoring the Life Essentials™ - critical elements such as clean air, safe water, good health, safe housing and more - while driving positive social change.

At PhilanthroInvestors, we believe in the power of capital to not only generate financial returns, but to transform lives and communities. When you invest with us, you're not just putting your money to work; you're investing in a future where everyone has access to the basic resources they need to thrive.

How We Create a Better World

Who is a PhilanthroInvestor®?

“A Philanthroinvestor is someone who invests money
and time, engaging emotionally to promote human welfare while earning a financial return.”

Why did I choose PhilanthroInvestors?

Success is not just about making money; it's about making a difference, leaving a legacy, and lifting others up along the way.

Skye Logan

What areas are you interested in investing in?

By browsing this page, you will be able to understand the current and future activities of PhilanthroInvestors Phenomena, focusing on socially responsible investments and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) impact.

Select the area of the world you would like to enhance by letting us know which sustainable investment strategies or ethical investment sectors are of most interest to you. Choose the part of the current Industries where you want to drive positive change through impact investing.

If we are not yet active in your selected area of sustainable development, we will keep you informed when our responsible investment funds expand to include it.


Grow your capital and help solve the water crisis

Discover the first-ever direct investment in the future of water


Grow your capital and help

predict and prevent diseases

Invest in your most important asset
- your health


Grow your capital and help families own their home℠

Enjoy 8-12% return by providing

housing to the US families


Grow your capital and help reduce plastic waste

The first-ever cryptocurrency based

on plastic recycling

Praise for PhilanthroInvesting

Kevin Harrington, Entrepreneur, As Seen on TV Founder and Original Shark on Shark Tank

“I have personally met Ivan and listened to Ivan’s presentation, one on one. His passion for what he does in helping recover the American Dream with his investment system is outstanding. This PhilanthroInvesting system is a “must learn” for any person wanting to grow their capital while helping others.”

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