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Water on Demand™

Invest in the Future of Water.

Help Change a Trillion-Dollar Industry.

How Fixing Our Broken Water Infrastructure
Could Make You (Very) Wealthy

How bad is inflation? What can you do about it?

Hi, I’m Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginClear.

Inflation is terrible and gett16ing worse. But did you know that clean water can be a perfect investment for these inflationary times?

But first, let’s talk about those scary prices.Gasoline, up 50%. Beef, up 25%. Used cars and trucks, up 26%. Bacon, up 20%. Lumber, up 38%.

The truth? By 2017, we were already hitting 9% inflation.

Concerned? We all should be.

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What about… Water?

We have a crying need all over the world for clean water.

Clean water is getting more and more scarce.

And its price is inflating at THREE TIMES the core inflation rate.

If we could do something about that, wouldn’t it be cool?

For years, I’ve been working with my team on how to solve our growing water problem.

And yes… we have a breakthrough. We call it “Water Like An Oil Well”.

Businesses are taking over.

Recently, I explained this on the Newsmax TV morning news show, “Wake Up America”.

Watch here:

The First-Ever Direct Investment In Water

Saving money by treating your own water.

Clean water is getting more expensive. And so is the cost of treating your dirty water.

And, businesses are getting hit for sending that polluted water to the municipalities.

The simple solution? Treat it yourself! More and more businesses are doing exactly that.

When you treat your own water, you can recycle it, use it more than once. Why not? You paid for it, why not use it again?

That’s good business, and it’s good for our water supplies.

And when you send clean water to the city, you save money there too.

It’s all-around smart.

Let’s say you’re a brewery. You’re growing fast, and you have a ton of that dirty water.

But the local water district won’t take your water (can’t handle it), and when they do, the rates are going out of sight.

So, you treat your own water.

It’s happening all over America.

To help these businesses, we invented something called Water On Demand™.

Using Water On Demand, we can help businesses save money on water inflation – and still deliver excellent returns for investors.

How can investors benefit directly from water investment?

To answer that question, let me take you into OIL AND GAS. Did you know that you can invest directly in oil production and pipelines?

It’s called Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs).

Invented in 1981 by Apache Corporation, it’s a great way to build generational wealth from oil exploration and production.

And MLPs have been doing just fine

Today, the Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) market is a booming $300 BILLION+ industry, showing substantial growth in the realm of investment , outpacing the stock market average. This surge is partly due to rising gas prices , highlighting the dynamic nature of the energy sector.

However, there's a caveat: to adjust prices, the industry may cap wells, affecting commodity trading and

infrastructure investment. This can impact investors, especially if you own an MLP focusing on pipelines.

Current government policies and the administration's stance on pipelines add another layer of complexity. The situation underscores the volatile nature of energy investing and real estate investment trusts (REITs), which often include energy infrastructure. These fluctuations resemble the stock market's ups and downs, making it essential for investors to consider dividend investing or sustainable investing strategies to balance their portfolios.

Water Like An Oil Well

Water, increasingly akin to an oil well in its value, is becoming ever scarcer. With rising demand for clean water, opportunities for investment are expanding. For the first time, investors can directly engage in water conservation and water treatment systems, a breakthrough akin to the 1981 shift in the oil industry with Master Limited Partnerships.

Water On Demand, much like those MLPs, offers a unique investment model. It allows investors to share in profits from water resources projects while gaining long-term stock positions in OriginClear. This approach not only promises impressive financial returns but also aligns with critical water conservation goals and sustainable investing.

By investing in Water On Demand, you're part of a vital mission: safeguarding water quality and water scarcity solutions, essentially investing in life itself. We invite you to review the numbers and see the potential of investing in the most crucial resource on our planet – water."

Water On Demand: Pioneering Profitable Water Investments

We’ve now launched the pilot program, and investors are rolling in. Let us walk you through the process. Because it’s so early and still being piloted, you get extra rewards in helping us learn the lessons and eventually become successful.

Think of yourself as a Founder of Water On Demand.

Here’s what’s cool: we don’t have to build the systems, and we don’t have to maintain them. We can simply give those jobs to water companies all over the US, and eventually the world.

It’s “money for money”.

Help finance water projects, and you have something very profitable.

I remember seeing this slide in the depths of the COVID Pandemic. General Motors was in trouble; but GM Financial was doing fine.

I think I would rather be like GM Financial than General Motors, don’t you?

Learn more about this now. I think you will find the program exciting, well crafted, and a whole new way to make water better in our world.

Invest directly in water systems. You’ll do great things for water, and potentially, great things for yourself!

What Our Water PhilanthroInvestors Say

"I am a long-time investor with OCLN and when I saw what the company was creating with Water On Demand I wanted to invest in it. Clean water is an important issue throughout the world. I believe in what OCLN is doing and where the company is going with Water On Demand." M.R.

"Water on Demand is a one-of-a-kind technology and probably the only available solution to the water crisis in the world. What immediately popped up in my mind when I first saw the ads about the company is my home country where a lot of the bodies of water are now polluted with dirty waters coming out from manufacturing plants. And I said to myself and to the other people, “this is the solution “. As an investor, believing in the cause of the company, OriginClear is the best place to put my money into for the following reasons. First, the technology-because is a much-needed technology, it has a very huge opportunity to grow and will become the future of the water industry. Second, because it’s now a pay-per-use thing, it has made this technology more accessible to the businesses that need it and made the product more saleable, which again means a good place to invest my money. Third, the investment opportunities are made available to almost everybody that even an ordinary individual like me can participate in the investment unlike other big projects like the oil and gas that are only available to the big investors." N.H.

"Water On Demand is an investment with a clear and tangible impact on the environment. I look forward to tracking the production of clean water while getting a solid economic return." J.C.

"I have been an investor in OriginClear for a number of years. I think that their vision of decentralized water treatment is the way of the future. When they launched Water on Demand I decided to invest in the new concept because I believe it will provide an excellent secured, inflation-protected return while helping the company to grow. I especially like that the Water On Demand concept provides the ability for OCLN to network with other water companies which I believe will accelerate growth. Also, as an early investor in Water On Demand, I can take advantage of the current offering which will increase the value of my investment as the company grows." D.J.

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